Saturday, September 1, 2007

September 1st. You ready?!

Its september 1st and the 'cross season starts here!

Yesterday it was still august; to all intents and purposes still summer and a way off worrying too much about 'cross and whether your bikes have arrived or were even built, and certainly too early (as its still summer...) to start practising rusty techniques that you haven't needed since last january, provided of course you carried on racing after the New Year holidays. Lets be honest, 'cross training in shorts and a short sleeved jersey, with a bottle in your back pocket and sunblock on your nose, just feels wrong. We all know the best sessions are those when it takes a while to warm your hands up, are always better when its grey and damp, with soft grippy ground under your wheels, and not on hand-jarring solid earth vaguely supporting yellow parched grass. Those are the days you bought a nice road bike for.

But today all that has changed. September is the start of autumn, the first races are this month and to be honest if your bikes are not sorted by now, well what the hell have you been doing all summer?
Personally its the time of year when I decide that the bikes I built last year and didn't use can probably be sold. Well its soooo last years colour scheme after all.

So where are you at with your season preparations? If you've bought the new book, well page 41 should be a little grubby by now, you should be looking just like Tim on page 71, and left on a table the book should open itself at pages 108 and 109. If you have'nt bought the book yet, well there's time... its only september 1st, you are excused.

Last years bikes, or new for this season? Got everything you need? New clothing arrived and looking good? First races entered and travel plans made? Sorry to persist, but its not yesterday anymore... its september now. If you are American just 26 days to the Excel Sports CrossVegas and eight weeks 'til the first US Grand Prix weekend in Kentucky. If you are a Brit its five weeks until the first Trophy round in Wales and if you are Euro 'cross whippet just six weeks until the first starters gun of the World Cup.
So... between 26 days and eight weeks, better get on it!


Salami said...

The way you word the blog gets me all fired up.Finished Mountain bike season yesterday,felt the crisp Autumn air today,took your advice and said,"Its time to get my air horn,cowbell,push iron,proper mushies,and arse in gear for Cross!"Gotta get back to You Tube for the World Cup Vids!Cheers!

gwadzilla said...

I am not ready...

not sure what I was doing all summer

my cross bike is still not built

still have not registered for a race two weeks away

but I look a little more like that guy in the cartoon than a cyclocross racer

zank said...

Simon, thanks for getting this blog going. The books are fantastic, but it will be great reading your posts as the season prgresses. We'll try to drive some traffic your way.

Rebecca said...

Vrroom vrroom! Traffic driving this way from Zank's blog already. As I found this blog, your book just happened to be open to page 118 on the table beside me. I've always wondered what kind of training the top Euro pros is like. Thanks for this insight!

cm1 said...

Thinking of the Welsh weather and the fact that mud will be with us shortly and wondering if I should invest in some deep dish / section wheels, does anybody have any suggestions as to which to consider, thanks.

About Simon said...

cm1.. how much are you able to spend on wheels?