Thursday, October 25, 2007


I was looking for something mud-related on Google and came across this list of descriptions for the various types of the stuff you love to ride through; some I've never heard of and some that should definitely make it into race reports! ("Vervecken launched his race winning attack in the last section of clart whilst Wellens, held up by an earlier crash in the slabber by the brook, was cheered to the line by the vast crowd who stood in the stabble to cheer their man home.."). Classic, a whole new vocabulary!

"Sludge, muck, slush, rile, slut, slime, bog, stabble (mud made by footprints), marsh, swill, ooze, slip, morass, slunk (a muddy or marshy place), mere, pulk, swamp, cay, blash, baygall, quag, quagmire, sump, slosh, sludge, squash, wichert (white, chalky mud, Bucks.), sleech (mud deposited by a river), clart, fen, humus, slough, bauger, slabber, warp (a moist bed of alluvial sediment), mush, chaitia (dried mud), gumbo, slumgullion (a muddy deposit in a mining sluice, US), slop, wallow, squad (dial., soft mud), slurry (thin mud or cement), parafango (a mixture of mud and paraffin), sludder, stodge (thick, tenacious mud), quicksand, schlich, slake (mud left by the tide), soss (a slop, Sc), cloam (potter’s mud), sinkhole, gunk, goo, clay, slob[Ir], palus, mire, slather (thin mud, Yorks.), sewerage (street mud), adobe (dried mud), limus, silt, loam, smirch, clag (mud entangled with wool on sheep)."

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that's awesome, like the eskimos' many words for snow. where is your second graf from? - Steve

About Simon said...

Funny you should mention the eskimos and snow, as the same page covers that too; turns out that one is an urban myth and there are only four words for it, describing snow on the ground and snow falling, but check it out at said...

I had heard that the eskimo thing was a myth. so now we can say that cyclocrossers have more words for mud than eskimos have for snow. I'll have to remember that.

Scott F said...

Along the lines of MUD, is there a particular style of pedal and cleat that is preferred and/or works better for 'cross considering all the mud and sand? I recently started my first season of 'cross and figure I was losing at least 15-20 seconds per lap during one race that had me off the bike 7 times per lap. Each time I had significant troubles getting clipped back in. I've been running SPD compatible pedals on my mountain bike for years and haven't had too much trouble, but they just aren't cutting it for cross.

About Simon said...

it might be the pedals, in which case consider Crank Bros which have excellent mud and sand clearing when you clip back in, or it might simply be you need to prpactise a bit more if it is your first season of 'cross; on a mountain bike there isn't the rush to get back into your pedals which is what you might be used to, and a circuit that requires 7 dismounts a lap is pretty testing on a skill that you might not have developed perfectly just yet.
Shimano pedals, especially the current versions, are very good so if your area is particularly sticky mud or sand, when you jump back on give your feet a quick bang sideways on the pedal or crank to remove some of the debris from your shoe before you try and clip back in.
Also, maybe take a look at your shoe, that might be causing the problem if the space between the cleat and the raised tread is particularly small it might compress the mud/sand instead of removing it. Maybe trim the tread back a little to give some more room around the cleat.

mlovejoy said...

Great blog. I have a topic I'd like a bit more advice: carrying the bike vs. not carrying the bike. It seems, but I could be wrong, that the pros in Europe carry their bikes more than the top people in the US. Many of the good guys riding in my area seem to be more happy pushing their bikes up hills and through the sand, without it being a disadvantage.

About Simon said...

To carry or push...
Got the 3rd edition book?! If you have, see page 70... hopefully I've explained there why you should carry wherever possible, certainly no more than a few steps pushing. You are off the bike because either (a) the hill is too steep to ride or (b) the mud or sand is too deep to ride through; either way, if you push the bike in these circumstances its way harder and less efficient than having it on your shoulder. If in doubt try both in training and see how it feels; to me pushing feels significantly harder, unless the ground is very hard and the hill is not too steep; perhaps if you've dismounted for a hurdle and are pushing for a few steps to the top of a rise before you remount. Also consider that even if both are the same speed that pushing will fatigue you more so the end of your race might not be as strong after 50 minutes of pushing!
Good luck, and glad you like the blog!

L said...

You know, I'd always assumed that carrying required a little more energy- what with lifting the bike up to my shoulder and putting it down again versus just pushing. But when thinking about the biomechanics of carrying versus pushing it seems obvious that running with a shouldered bike should be a lot more efficient.

erikv said...

Very nice.

Say, any predictions for US Nats?

About Simon said...

Erik, based on what I saw at Portland it looks like the Nationals will come down to a 3 man battle between Trebon, Johnson and Wells; not sure if Page is coming back to race??
Heart ruling head I'll go for Johnson, Trebon, Wells, with 67 year old Steve Tilford close behind in 4th!! Women should be Compton if she is over illness, but Gould was fast last weekend.. 3rd could be pretty open after you take the "foreigners" out (Bessette, Sydor, Nash), so I'll go for a Simms/Lloyd battle. Jamey Driscoll looks good for the U23 title.

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